Cuckold Wimps: Ms Daphne's Thoughts...

I do so love to train new cuckold wimps.

I am a Cuckold Princess,after all. It is my responsibility to train all my cuckold wimps to be properly attentive and submissive to me. I use extensive training using tease, denial and humiliation to delve deeply into their mind, and program it to behave in any way I see fit.

A properly trained cuckold wimp will get me ready for the day by washing and styling my hair, picking out the clothes I look the best in, making me breakfast, etc. These things are especially important on the days that the i will be out with a real man, as he would want me to be at my best for him.

It is very important for the cuckold wimp to assist me in pleasing my lovers, and this is one way of doing it. It also reminds him that he is an inadequate cuckold wimp, and I am a Goddess, a Princess who deserves a real man who can please me.

I find it very useful in the early stages of training to make my cuckold wimps remain naked while in the home, so that they are constantly reminded of their tiny lil pindick, how impossible it would be for him to please me with it and how much I deserve to have real men to please me.

Gently slapping his lil naked cock every now and then while exclaiming "NO PUSSY FOR YOU", works very effectively as well. Including the cuckold wimp in your erotic encounters with real men can be an effective training tool.

I like to use my cuckolds as "Fluffers", so that they can see what a real man has to offer, and know exactly why they are truly a cuckold wimp. Also allowing the wimp to remain in the room with me as I am being pleased by one of my lovers is always fun, hearing me groan with pleasure as I have one explosive orgasm after another is something he has never heard before, and allows him see me being pleased, as I so deserve to be.


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