Cuckold Humiliation: Why Does Cuckolding Turn Me On So Much?

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What is it with cuckold humiliation? Why does it turn you on so much, the thought of your woman being so turned on and satisfied by another man?

For many if not most cuckolds, the origin of their cuckold humiliation fantasies (and realities) goes back to: penis size. Yep, more often than not, the cuckolds I talk to (and the cuckolds I humiliate by cuckolding them), have a small penis. And one of the ways they deal with the fact that their penis is too small to satisfy a woman, is by eroticizing the fact. So, the small penis becomes a source of humiliation pleasure for the underendowed man. Then, when a woman becomes involved, the small penis cuckold knows instinctively that he should not be allowed to have sexual contact with the cuckoldress, because he will never be able to satisfy her. Thus, their relationship revolves around her sexual gratification, and the well behaved humiliated cuckold knows that his place is to do anything his cuckoldress wants him to do, in order to make sure she is always satisfied. Including finding well endowed men for her to fuck!

But not all cuckolds have a small penis. Some cuckolds just get extremely turned on by the thought of their wife being satisfied. And what's the ultimate satisfaction? A huge cock! All humiliated cuckolds know that if their wife or significant other is going to be screwing around, it's going to be with a huge cocked guy. That's just the way it is.

And just the way it should be.

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