The Cuckoldress, for Humiliated Cuckolds

Cuckold Husbands

How does one become a cuckold husband or a cuckold sissy husband? How many husbands are there, who know that their true place in life is to live as the humiliated cuckold of a cuckoldress wife? How does a wanna-be cuckold husband get from cuckold fantasy to cuckold reality?

When this work properly, the wife and the husband are on the same page from the begining of the relationship. The wife knows that she deserves much more, sexually, than her inadequate husband can provide for her. So, there is a mutual understanding that the wife will be obtaining sexual gratification outside of the relationship. Rather than opposing this or trying to change it, the true cuckold husband accepts this fate gladly.

Oftentimes such a couple will have rituals related to the wife's slutty activities. My favorite rituals to put my cuckold husband through, on the days when I know I will be fucking a huge cock that night, is to have him start the day by drawing a bath for me. I have my cuckold husband bathe me while I tell him all about the things I will be doing with my well endowed lover, later on that evening. I remind my cuckold husband, as he washes my back and shaves my bikini line in preparation for my lover, that he will never have me in a sexual way. I tell him that he is lucky that I occasionally invite him to watch as I entertain my younger, more handsome, much more well endowed lovers. You should see how much this turns the little cuckold on!

Later on in the day, I have my cuckold husband assist me as I prepare for my date. I have him dress me in my finest lingerie, carefully sliding my stockings up my legs, clasping my bra, brushing my hair, all the while telling me how gorgeous I look for my lover. And almost always, he has a steely erection - albeit a tiny one! - in his pants while he gets me ready for something he will never, ever have.

And why will this man I call my cuckold husband never have this? Because I am a cuckoldress, he is inadequate, and he will never be able to be man enough to satisfy me. And to be honest, I can't say that any one man could ever be man enough to satisfy me.

But that's what a cuckold is for! The one type of man who truly knows that a Goddess like me should never be limited to one man. Especially not a silly, wimpy, underendowed one.

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