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I called MS Daphane on dec 09 06 She is the best young lady i've had so far, her soft voice had me under her thumb, she put me in my place, she was so real, and she made me feel like the maggot that i Am. her rich voice is soft, it put me in heaven and she brought me back to earth ,with a blink of an eye. From a scale of 1 to 10 This hot babe is 11. Daphane you rule - Lance. 12/6/06

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Hi Maam,
First off please let me thank you for your great site. I have been calling your Mistresses from the start of your site. All of the women on your sites are amazing. I have recently had some fantastic calls with Ms Daphne, she is a great addition to your sites. She is always happy to hear from me, she knows just how to humiliate and embarrass me. Ms Daphne has done two perfect audios for me and I love them. Her voice is great and she knows just how to do the audios so that they sound so real. Thank you for the great site.
babyryan - 12/30/06

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